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    Frequently Asked Questions about AngelHub

    • Is AngelHub a Venture Capital fund? No, AngelHub is an angel investors club. The operating team does not make the investment decision, it is made by our angel members.

    • What is the application process like? The operational team acts as a "filter" for opportunities. After finishing your application, a preliminary evaluation of your application will be made. If it is positive, you will have a first interview with the company's team of analysts; then, you will have a second interview with an AngelHub partner. Afterwards, you will be notified if your project was accepted or not. If so, your project will be made visible to all our angel investors. The opportunities that receive the most votes will be presented at our Investment Meeting.

    • Does being accepted guarantee that I will receive investment? No, the first selection guarantees you to be visible to our angel investors. Being selected for an Investment Meeting gives you the possibility to present a pitch and answer questions live. However, neither of the 2 previous ones guarantees you an investment.

    • What happens after an Investment Meeting? After an IM, our angel investors will have one-to-one sessions with the startups they were interested in at the event. In turn, they will be presented with a due diligence of the opportunity. After these two, our angels decide whether to invest or not. An investment process takes 1-3 weeks after an Investment Meeting.

    • How long do I have to wait to find out if I will be at the Investment Meeting? We have monthly events of this type with our members; you will be given more details about the timing at the first interview. However, applying right after an IM means a 3-4 week wait for the next one.

    • How is the information I share in my application handled? All information we receive from startups is treated 100% confidential and is only shared with our angel investors. Likewise, any startup that is a competitor of one we currently have in our portfolio is rejected in order to avoid conflicts of interest and confidentiality issues.

    • Does AngelHub charge any fees during the application process? No. Applying with us is completely free of charge.